Visiting the Getty Villa

Best known for its sweeping coastlines and golden sunsets, Southern California doesn’t seem like the sort of place where you would find a grand Roman country house. Yet that’s part of the enchantment of the Getty Villa, a home of an extraordinary collection of Greek and Roman art.

If you want to visit ancient Rome and enjoy one of the most spectacular views in all of Los Angeles, go visit the Getty Villa, nestled up high in the Pacific Palisades. The Villa is a time warp back into another civilization, a zen walk through beautifully manicured gardens, and gateway to a million-dollar view of the Pacific Ocean.

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The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in the Tucson Mountains

I was eager to know more about desert habitat, after a hike I attempted in Tucson. (Read about that hike here.) There are plenty of things you should know before hiking in the desert, especially if you’re not accustomed to the climate and the surroundings. I hail from the east coast, where hiking is one hundred percent different than hiking on the west coast. After my ‘hike gone wrong’ I sought out the best place to learn about the desert, and came across the Sonora Desert Museum.

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