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I’m a striving writer/screenwriter fueled by proponent travel. Three years ago, I decided to leave the only home I knew. The journey grew into a fierce dream to travel and write about the places I explore. Not only do I crave the summit view after a hard climb, but I kind of jones for history. The more history the better.

Here’s a List of 8 Adventurous and Rebellious Women

Throughout history, bold women have been casting off the shackles of conventional life. Women who fought courageously and tirelessly to assert themselves as individuals and experts in their field, something most men have had the luxury of taking for granted. … Continue reading

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Where’s The Gold? Here Are 5 California Lost Treasures

Lost treasure has been the focus of countless books, myths, and movies for as long as we’ve been telling stories. History is full of tales about stashes of treasure left behind by pirates, scoundrels, and thieves, and lucky for us, … Continue reading

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Aquarium Of The Pacific & The Scenic Shoreline Village

The aquarium in Long Beach, California, is one of the largest aquariums in the United States, with more than 12,000 ocean animals and nearly 50 exhibits requiring more than a million gallons of Pacific seawater. With its sweeping, curving, wave-like … Continue reading

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Are You Looking For A Good Hike? Try The Scenic Coastal Wetlands: Known To Locals As “The Back Bay”.

Nestled in the center of busy streets, multi-million dollar homes and shopping malls is a small body of water that is teaming with life: the Newport Back Bay. The reserve encompasses the inland delta that connects the Upper Newport Bay … Continue reading

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You’ll be Surprised at What You Find While Hiking in Malibu Creek State Park

Malibu Creek State Park is a sprawling, magical landscape; complete with massive jagged mountains, cliffs, and vast gorges that were formed over two million years ago. Just 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles, the park has over 4,000 acres, featuring … Continue reading

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Are You Afraid Of Hiking Solo?

Hiking is one of the few activities where there is no shortage. There are countless mountains to conquer, waterfalls to see and views to take in. Nature offers something that being indoors simply can’t. It is motivating to walk among … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Ortega Highway: A Dumping Ground For Serial Killers

A scenic road winding through mountains, pine forests and pastoral valleys, connecting South County and Lake Elsinore, is a crucial link for commuters, and a weekend thrill ride for motorcyclists, and also a dumping ground used by criminals who wait … Continue reading

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